Parish Pastoral Council

The Mount Calvary Catholic Church Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) consist of lay persons who are either elected to serve as a member of the council or appointed by our priest.

The PPC serves:

  • to maintain a two-way channel of communication between the priest and the laity on matters which concerns the good of the Church
  • to provide the pastor with information that will assist him with tailoring the spiritual and temporal needs of the church

Through prayer, reflection, planning, motivation, and support the PPC not only carefully considers the needs of the faithful, and recommends actions that will respond adequately to these needs.  

The requirements to be a member of the PPC are:

  • be sacramentally fully-initiated Catholics
  • be registered, practicing members of Mount Calvary Parish
  • be 18 years of age or older.

Persons interested in joining the council should be willing to commit themselves to serving in the best interest of the Church and the parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council election is held annually during the weekend of Pentecost Sunday.

2018 Meeting Minutes